On-line Tools

Lachat Instruments has created these software tools to make your job easier in the lab. Get acquainted with the operation of these tools by following the examples given in the Help button. Please direct any comment about these tools to: support@lachatinstruments.com
Working Standards Calculator
The Working Standards Calculator (WSC) consists of three separate calculators:
• Stock Standard Calculator - use this tool to make a stock standard solution from a dry compound.
• Intermediate Stock Standard - use this tool to make an intermediate stock standard from a stock standard solution.
• Make Working Standards - use this tool to make working standards from a stock standard solution.
You can use these calculators in conjunction with each other or independently. Once you are done with your calculations, the report option gathers all the results from the calculations and generates a report in a printable format. The WSC calculator supports the following concentration units: mM, µM, mg/L, g/L and µg/L.
Common Acid & Basic Solution Preparation
The Common Acid & Basic Solution Preparation Tool will assist you with preparing common acid and base solutions. You can select concentration results in either Molarity (M) or Normality (N). This tool is designed for making reagent solutions from a concentrated acid or base solution. If you want to make a reagent solution from a dry compound, please use the Working Standards Calculator/Stock Standard.