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Service and Support

United States
Our staff of Technical Support Chemists in the U.S. can assist you with questions about our products, system operation, troubleshooting, and general methodology. You can also obtain information about Training and Service agreements.
Service and Technical Support for Lachat products is available to customers around the world through our network of factory-authorized International Lachat Distributors.
Purchase Parts
Many Lachat service parts and consumables are available to order over the web. Search for your part number on If the part you need is not available via the web, please contact our Technical Support group for assistance.
Lachat Instruments offers several training courses to ensure you are getting the most out of your instrument. Training classes are available at our factory, at your location (onsite training) or by your International Distributor.
Software and service packs are now available from our Web site. To install the software, you will need to request the software installation password from