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Lachat Reagents
Save time and money, and be confident in your results with NEW Lachat Prepared Reagents!
When you use Guaranteed Prepared Reagents from Lachat Instruments, you immediately start saving time, money and shelf space. In addition, when you use prepared, quality-controlled Lachat reagents for your QuikChem® 8000 and 8500 Series Analyzers, your instrument performance is assured!
• Enjoy the freedom that comes from saving time and increasing productivity
• Take pride in saving money, effortlessly
• Decrease your storage and equipment needs
• Increase your confidence level with guaranteed reagents
Ordering Information on
Parameter # Tests (approx. per kit) Product No.
Ammonia Reagent Set 400 tests 52904
Chloride Reagent Set1 400 tests 52901
Cyanide Reagent Set 300 tests 52906
Nitrate Reagent Set 500 tests 52903
Phosphate Reagent Set 1500 tests 52902
TKN Reagent Set 300 tests 52905
Inline Cyanide Reagent Set 150 tests 52909
TKP Reagent Set2 300 tests 52910

1. Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.
2. Set does not include NaOH/NaCl reagent
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