NPDES Equivalent Methods Do NOT Require Letter
from USEPA

Lachat Instruments has received many questions regarding USEPA Equivalent methods for NPDES reporting. Many customers have requested letters from the EPA stating these methods’ acceptance. Lachat would like to stress that the USEPA will not be issuing letters and that these methods are acceptable for NPDES compliance monitoring.

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Lachat Applications Develops New 2-cm Flow Cell Methods

The Lachat Instruments Applications team has developed several methods utilizing a new 2-cm flow cell detector. These methods are able to reach lower detection limits than previously developed Lachat methods because of the increase in signal obtained through the larger flow cell, as well as the optimization of other variables during method development. See what new methods Lachat has to offer.

Lachat Tech Tips – Go with the flow…

Flow is extremely important in Flow Injection Analysis. When issues arise with the QuikChem FIA analyzers, they are often related to flow. This is especially the common cause of failure when a specific chemistry had been working well for a while, but suddenly stops producing good results.

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Lachat Fall Tradeshows

ECS 2008 – Honolulu, Hawaii – Oct 13th – Oct 15th

ASA 2008 – Houston, Texas – Oct 5th – Oct 9th


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Lachat Instruments Updates the QuikChem 8500 Platform with QuikChem 8500 Series 2

Lachat Instruments announces the introduction of the QuikChem 8500 Series 2, an update to the QuikChem FIA instrument platform. The QC8500 Series 2 is functionally identical to its predecessor; however, several incremental features will impact customers with specific demands:

  • Ability to run up to 5 channels for high productivity analysis or dedicated operation
  • New 2-cm flow cell methods allow more signal for detection at lower levels
  • Run Omnion 3.0 software on Windows Vista operating system
  • Interface Omnion software in multiple languages – including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian

For more information on the Lachat QuikChem 8500 Series 2, please contact Lachat Sales,

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