JULY 2008, ISSUE 8

Lachat Instruments introduces Amperometric Cyanide
methods suite

The Lachat Instruments Applications team has recently completed 3 new cyanide methods. While initial sample preparation and handling differ, all three methods utilize Amperometric Detection.

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New June 2008 Lachat Methods' List now available

Lachat Instruments recently released its latest Methods' List, with a large number of new and updated methods. See what new methods Lachat has to offer.

Technical Support Tips

Remember to perform basic maintenance for your Lachat system — Just like an automobile, the Lachat QuikChem system consists of many components and requires preventative maintenance to be kept running


New Method Datapacks now available

The Lachat Instruments Applications team has recently compiled several Method Datapacks to give more detailed information on certain methods. The new Datapacks now available include:

  • Amperometric Cyanide Datapack — Information on the three new Amperometric Cyanide methods recently introduced by Lachat Instruments.
  • Cyanide Method Datapack — Other than the Amperometric methods, Lachat has many methods available for the determination of cyanide. Information on several different method types cyanide method types are included: Offline Digestion / Distillation methods, MicroDIST methods, Free Cyanide methods, In-Line Total Cyanide methods, In-Line Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide methods, and Amperometric Detection methods.
  • MicroDIST Method Datapack — This Datapack contains information on Lachat methods that utilize MicroDIST, a patented distillation technology. A comparison of these methods, as well as an overview of the MicroDIST technology is included.
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