Analytical Detection Limit Buzzwords from a Chemist's Perspective

There are many statistical terms used in analytical chemistry. Many of these words are used daily, but not completely understood. Download a primer
on these statistical expressions, written by one of Lachat Instruments'
Application Chemists.

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May 6th: Sponsored by Matthew Bracken of Northeastern University Marine Science Center at Nahant Massachusetts

May 14th: Sponsored by Dr. Erica Smithwick of Geography at Penn State University State College, Pennsylvania

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Lachat MICRODIST can save your lab time
and money

Time is money for labs.  Reduced analysis time means quicker results and more productivity, which usually translates into savings in dollars.  One Lachat customer has determined that the USEPA-approved user-fill MICRODIST system will save them almost $9,000 per year over their old Midi Distillation method for cyanide sample preparation!  See the details and imagine how much time and money MICRODIST could save your lab.

» See MICRODIST Case Study

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