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Lachat Instruments Introduces Ultra High Throughput Methods

Lachat Instruments introduces Ultra High Throughput (UHT) methods.  These FIA methods are updated and improved versions of proven methods from Lachat Instruments.  The UHT Methods give labs the throughput and reagent conservation advantages of Discrete Analyzers, while maintaining the performance and support advantages of FIA.
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Attention Lachat FIA Seawater Analysts

Lachat Instruments is working with the University of California, Santa Cruz Institute of Marine Sciences to establish the Lachat Seawater Group!

ECS — 212th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society

Visit the Radiometer Booth (#10), October 8-10, at the Hilton Washington in Washington D.C.

ASA-CSSA-SSSA 2007 International Annual Meetings

Visit Lachat Booth #225. The event will be held November 4-8, 2007,
in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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FIA Chemistry Tip

Lachat chemists have put together a helpful list of tips for avoiding contamination. Multiple chemistries are used in the analysis of water and wastewater. It is important to keep in mind that the analyte from one chemistry may be present in the reagents for another chemistry that you are running in your lab. This occurrence can cause contamination.
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Latest version of Omnion 3.0 software now available online

Lachat Instruments announces the availability of Omnion 3.0 version 220 on our website, This is the newest version of the Omnion 3.0 software platform.
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