JULY 2007, ISSUE 2

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Lachat Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Dual Persulfate Method

Lachat's application team, in conjunction with Dennis Jones of the North Dakota Department of Health, has developed a new dual persulfate digestion procedure
for total nitrogen and phosphorus. These new methods provide a full concentration range with just a simple sample loop change to go from 0.02 to 40.0 mg N/L
for total nitrogen; and 0.005 to 10 mg P/L for total phosphorus.
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Lachat Can Develop Application Solutions

Our applications chemists will work closely with you to understand your application requirements. Through extensive literature research, they will evaluate potential solutions for the defined problem.

Free Laboratory Automation Seminar

September 6, 2007 in Indianapolis, IN. » Register now.

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Lachat MICRODIST can save your lab time
and money

Time is money for labs. Reduced analysis time means quicker results and more productivity, which usually translates into savings in dollars. One Lachat customer has determined that USEPA-approved MICRODIST will save them almost $4,600 per year over their old Midi Distillation method for cyanide sample preparation! See the details and imagine how much time and money MICRODIST could save your lab.
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