May 2007, issue 1
Application Story
Product News

Lachat MICRODIST receives USEPA approval for cyanide distillation

The USEPA awards full approval for a new method: "Digestion and Distillation of Total Cyanide in Drinking and Wastewaters using MICRODIST® and Determination of Cyanide by Flow Injection Analysis."

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Product Highlight

Lachat-prepared reagents offer convenience, confidence, and savings

Convenience and confidence often don’t go hand-in-hand, but you’ll enjoy both when you order and use Lachat-prepared reagents. Using these prepared, quality-controlled Lachat reagents for your QuikChem Analyzers saves your laboratory time, money and shelf space while increasing throughput.

• Just pour, versus prepare

• Much less time purchasing

• Optional multiple-use Sipper caps

• Increased confidence

Find the entire line of time- and cost-saving Lachat prepared reagents on Lachat's website.